Updated Family Support for Covid-19

Dover Food Bank Closure of Centres in response to Covid-19

The school will continue to hold and issue foodbank vouchers. At this time distribution will be by delivery, so please follow the following procedure:

  • Phone/Email school
  • Once you have picked up/received your posted voucher, ring 07870 361180 to answer afew questions about your voucher and the household to allow an appropriate next-day delivery
  • Between 2nd April and 16th April, or at other times the school is closed, allow time for us to request an email referral from the foodbank directly
  • If we have email referred contact the foodbank as described above
  • Use the link to get the most up to date info or to contact the foodbank direct https://dover.foodbank.org.uk/

Contact senco@guston.kent.sch.uk or headteacher@guston.kent.sch.uk


National Curriculum Guidance for parents that want to plan their own things from the NC:

Your teachers have set a range of fantastic and engaging resources for you to use so please have the children log in look at their taskboards, homeworks an/or class pages on the website. However if you are having real trouble using IT resources and due to high parent demand the National Curriculum have produced resources that are easily accessible via Amazon. Use the link to view age group resources and plan activities that suit you and your children:

National Curriculum Resource Link

Files to Download

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