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Updated September 25th 2023: Parent Resources for Speech and Language Support

Communication is key to children progressing in all areas of their life: learning, making friends, mental health and well-being. All parents can help their children in so many ways and these pages include links to a range of resources for you to use at home. 


School Support

Many children have difficulties with Speech and Language. These difficulties can be about producing sounds accurately and making themselves understood or about their understanding and processing of the spoken words of others. We can help and so can you!



Some children start at school and their speech is  difficult to understand. These children will be screened on Speechlink to identify ways to support. Your child will have the correct sounds modelled for them and may have small sessions daily to help support them becoming clearer through games and short activities.  Children with speech production errors will not be put on the Special Educational Needs register but their teacher will advise you on how we are supporting them and what you can do at home.



All children starting at school throughout KS1 are screened using Language Link to check their understanding of spoken langauge. Any difficulties are planned for and children will receive appropriate support in the classroom and where appropriate in small group and/or individual sessions. Where there are persistent difficulties that remain after intervention we will seek parental permission to access more specific support from a Speech and Language Therapist and if appropriate your child may be put on the Special Educational Needs register. Your child's teacher will advise you on how we are supporting them and what you can do at home. Please see the files at the bottom of the page.

If you have any queries after talking to the teacher please contact Tracey Tee, the SENCO:



Speech and Language Therapy Support

Kent have adopted the Balanced System Framework to ensure that outcomes for children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are improved. This system means that we no longer refer and have your child on a waiting list for support but will work with link therapists to continually evaluate and improve our provision. The five strands of support look at: family support, environment, adults working with your child, identification of needs and effective intervention. Our speech and Language therapists are Dee Murphy and Lucy Adams and they will support the school over all five areas as well as supporting individual referrals where needed.


Online Resources:

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Talking Point





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