Pastoral Support

We have very strong pastoral support at Guston School, our open door policy aims to ensure all children and their families feel comfortable to come in and talk to us about issues that are concerning them. We have a ‘Special Person’ system where children identify an adult that they are comfortable with, who they can ask to talk to at a convenient time if needed.


When family members are deployed, we run an E-Bluey club (recently been replaced by INtouch service) which allows pupils to write to their Dads or Mums whilst away. This club extends to younger siblings and other family members too. Teachers can also write to keep them up to date with school news.


We are lucky enough to have three Governors who have links with the Army; one serving member of !RGR and two parent Governors who have husbands serving in 1RGR. This enables the school to be up to date with MOD news and issues.


Community coffee mornings are attended by school staff to link with the community as a whole.


We link closely with other schools with Service children and attend conferences to address issues affecting them. Our Headteacher, Deby Day has been involved in arranging a Pupil Voice’ conference for all Service Pupils in Kent and sits on the Kent and Medway Children and Youth Sub Group for Service children.


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