Communication and Interaction


Communication and Interaction (CI) difficulties can make life hard for any child.  Typically, children struggle with many of the skills needed to take turns and understand the feelings of others so play times can be confusing. They can be "on their own agenda" and find it difficult to understand the purpose of learning activities, making the classroom a challenge. In addition they can have a range of sensory issues that make lights, noise, smells and particular textures stressful. Some children may even have a medical diagnosis. It's a lot to cope with isn't it? But there are many ways you can help your child.

Some children with the difficulties described above may cope very differently at home and at school. We encourage you to seek advice and help from school, health visitors and other medical professionals if you are having difficulties and look out for the many groups that meet.




Useful Websites



 Aspen Smile Centre Whitfield

A monthly ASD parent support coffee morning runs out of here (on Whitfield, Aspen Primary School site). It’s also a great place to find out about a range of support and training opportunities.

For information call 01304 829846,



Cygnet Parent Programme

Cygnet is a longer programme of half-day sessions looking to:

· increase parents’ understanding of ASD

· help parents develop their knowledge on how a child on the autism spectrum experiences the world and what drives their behaviour

· guide parents through practical strategies they can use with children

· direct parents to relevant ASD resources

· give parents the opportunity to meet with other parents who have had similar experiences and to gain support and learn from each other

Please complete and send off the referral form in the pack this sheet was in. You can also contact them for further information on 03000 420008 or email


The Kent Autistic Trust KAT

A very useful source of information and support including support group contacts for areas neighbouring

Shepway, including Ashford, Canterbury and Dover and Deal

For those on e-mail, Jo manages a very useful distribution list where people post questions and share information.

Contact: via Jo Blamires, 01634 405168;

e-mail; website

Kent Autistic Society


National Courses/Resources for Parents


Parent to Parent Telephone Support Service


See parent pages and files below for more support and advice

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